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Application Specific Password


When you enable Two Factor Authentication, you need to generate Application Specific passwords for accessing your account via POP/ IMAP or SMTP from external devices. Similarly, for any third party application you use, you need to generate and use an application specific password. If you access your Zoho account via two devices, you need to generate a different Application Specific Password for each service and for each device. 

For example, if you configure the Zoho Mail account as IMAP in your Outlook Application in your system, you need to generate two Application Specific Passwords. One for Incoming Server, other for Outgoing (SMTP Server). 

Steps to generate Application Specific Passwords:

  1. Login to accounts.zoho.com
  2. Select Two Factor Authentication
  3. Click 'Manage Application Specific Passwords'.
  4. You can generate an Application Specific Password by providing a generic app name and your account's current password. The name is mainly for your reference, and hence provide any meaningful name, which you can easily understand. 
  5. When you click generate, a 12 digit incomprehensible combination alpha numeric characters will be generated as an application specific password. The password will be displayed only once for security reasons. 
  6. In the application you use, you need to provide the 12 digit password without any spaces in a single application. You will not be able to use the same code in another device. You can generate as many application specific passwords as per your requirement. 
  7. To cancel access to any previous password generated, you can use the revoke option for the particular application password/

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