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Mail Accounts


Main Functions

The Mail Accounts page can be used to manage the following details of the user accounts: 


  • Primary Mailbox address of the account
  • Alias Email Addresses of the Account
  • Email Forwarding
  • Mail Policy applied for the account 
  • Mailbox storage used 
  • Incoming and Outgoing Status 
  • Active Sync Status 
  • POP/ IMAP Enable/ Disable


To create a new user, click Add New user, in the User Details section. 

Steps to Add User Accounts

  1. Click User Details in the Administrator Control Panel.
  2. Click Add User to key in User details one at a time.
  3. If you want to create a bulk of users, click on Import User and upload the .CSV file as indicated and upload users in a click.
  4. You can also import users from you LDAP setup.
  5. Follow the instructions in the Admin console to use CSV/ LDAP options.

Mail Accounts page

Once you have added the users, you can view and configure the mail account details from the Mail Accounts page. You can select multiple mail accounts and apply selected mail policy by clicking the ‘Apply Policy’ drop down link.  You can view/ modify the Mail account details from the individual Mail Account detail page. Click on the individual Email to open individual Mail Account detail page. This can also be accessed from User details section. 

The Mail Accounts page has the complete Mail Account details. 

  • You can block or unblock and users Incoming/ Outgoing from the Mail accounts page. 
  • You can enable/ disable POP/ IMAP and Active Sync (Push) access of an user from this page. 
  • You can enable Email Forwarding for another user within the organization from this section. 
  • Additionally, you can add a vacation reply for the user in this section. 
  • You can also view and manage the Group memberships of the account from this section. 

Email Alias

Email alias is another handle for the same mail account. Suppose an user has multiple email addresses, you can set up the alternate email addresses as email aliases for the user, which will enable the user to send/ receive emails from the email addresses. 

‘Email Alias’ is a forwarding email address. It is actually the feature to different email addresses for the same user account. You can add multiple email aliases for a user. The mail aliases and the primary email address, all, share the same mailbox and hence will have the same mail policy applied. The mail policy restrictions are applied to the mailbox has a whole and the calculations take into account the overall parameters.

Email aliases are very useful when you have multiple domains in your Organization. When you have you@yourdomain.com as the default email address of the account, in case you have another domain, domain2.com, you can create an alias you@domain2.com for the base account.

Steps to create New Mail Alias:
  1. Log in to mail.zoho.com as Admin/ Super Admin
  2. Go to Control Panel >> Mail Accounts 
  3. Click the Mailbox for which you want to add an alias
  4. Click 'Add New Alias' for the account
  5. Provide the alias you want to add and select the domain from the drop down.
  6. Click Save to save the email alias for the account. 
  7. Click 'Set as Default' to make it the default email address for the user. 
  8. The default address will appear in the Mail Accounts section of the individual user settings page. 

Enabling Sync for the User

You can enable/ disable sync for the users in the Mail Accounts page.

Steps to create Enable Active Sync (Push) for the account :

  1. Log in to mail.zoho.com as Admin/ Super Admin
  2. Go to Control Panel >> Mail Accounts 
  3. Click Enable for Push to enable Mobile Active Sync for the account
  4. The Active Sync will be active only for mobile devices
  5. Refer here for detailed instructions to configure your account in mobile devices

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