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Create Users


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Add Users

After you have verified the domain, you can create user mail accounts by adding the users in the Control Panel. You need to ensure that Mail Hosting is enabled for your domain.
The Mail icon under the Mail Hosting, should be enabled to create mail accounts. If the domain is in unverified state or if the email hosting is in disabled state, the mail accounts will not be created for the users.

You can choose to add users one by one from the Control Panel. You can also use CSV upload option to add up to 200 users at a time. This is the easiest way to create users and mail accounts in bulk.

As the Super Admin, if you already have a @zoho.com account, we suggest you to create a domain based alias for the account, instead of creating another user account. 


Steps to create domain based account for Super Admin:

  1. Log in to mail.zoho.com as Super Admin
  2. Go to Control Panel » Mail Accounts
  3. Select the account username@zoho.com
  4. Provide the ‘username’ part in the textbox from the username@yourdomain.com where yourdomain.com refers to your domain name. If you have multiple domains configured, you can create email aliases for the other domains by choosing from the list of options.


Steps to add users one by one

  1. Log in to mail.zoho.com as Super Admin
  2. Go to Control Panel » User Details
  3. Click Add user
  4. Provide the ‘username’ part in the textbox from the username@yourdomain.com where yourdomain.com refers to your domain name. If you have multiple domains configured, select the domain, based on which the user account should be created from the drop down. By default, the primary domain in the domains section will be selected there.
  5. Provide the initial password using which the user will sign up for the first time. 
  6. Provide the first name and last name of the users and submit to create the user.

Steps to import users from a CSV file

  1. Create the CSV file with the following headers c1: Username c2: Password c3: First Name c4: Last Name
  2. The username field has the username part of the email address before the @ symbol and not the complete email address.
  3. Login to mail.zoho.com as Super Admin
  4. Go to Control Panel » User Details
  5. Click Import Users
  6. Click Browse and select the CSV file created in the first step.

Invite users to Zoho

  1. If any of your Organization users already have registered for Zoho accounts, and linked it with their domain based accounts, those users will be invited to Zoho.
  2. The users will receive an invitation mail to their domain based email address.
  3. When the user accepts the invitation, the user will be asked to provide their Zoho credentials.
  4. Once the user gets authenticated, he will become a part of the Organization created by the administrator.
  5. This will avoid the loss of data, if the user already has any other Zoho applications like CRM, Recruit etc linked to his account.
There may be certain conflicts if the user already has a business account in Zoho, in which case, you need to remove the existing Organization set up under the user, to make him a part of the current Organization. In no case, a single user account can be a part of multiple Organizations.

Import Users from CRM
If you are a Zoho CRM Admistrator or if your Organization has a CRM account and want to set up Email Hoasting for the entire domain, you can directly associate the users you already have in Zoho CRM in Zoho Mail Suite, using the option Import from CRM. Note that the Super Admin in CRM should have either the Admin Role or Super Admin role in Zoho Mail to utilize this option.
  1. Log in to mail.zoho.com as Super Admin
  2. Go to Control Panel » User Details
  3. Click Import Users from CRM
  4. The user of your CRM Organization will directly be added in Zoho Mail Suite.
  5. The other users of your Organization can be added using the CSV file or Add user option

User Provisioning from Active Directory

Zoho Mail provides you a tool to discover and automatically create corresponding users and email accounts in Zoho Mail. 

  1. Install the Zoho Mail Active Directory User Provisioning Wizard in the system.
  2. When you execute the Wizard, you will be requested to provide the Super Admin credentials.
  3. You should provide the Server in which the Active Directory is installed.
  4. You should have the details of the LDAP query to be used to list the users of the organization.
  5. You need to map the attributes of the Active Directory with the fields provided for Zoho Mail users.
  6. Based on the LDAP query and the attribute selection, the results will be displayed.
  7. After validating the results with the user details of your organization, click Finish to provision the users in Zoho Mail.
Please contact us at support (at) zohomail (dot) com, with your organization details, to receive a link to download the Zoho Mail AD user provisioning wizard in the email. 

Communicating to Users

Once you have created the users, communicate to the users their login email address and their passwords. You can suggest them to login and check whether their accounts are set up properly. The users would require the password you used hen you created the users, for logging in for the first time.

Login Instructions for the users

  1. From your web browser, go to mail.zoho.com
  2. Provide the user name in the format user@yourdomain.com
  3. Provide the password communicated to you and Log in

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