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Add Domains in Zoho


Add Domain for Email Hosting in Zoho

Zoho Mail Suite is a business email service that meets the diverse requirements of small, medium and large Organization setups with a full range of customization options. It has an easy to use Mail Admin Console, with which the Administrators can manage the Organizations Mail Accounts. Zoho web-mail is very intuitive and is an excellent package of Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes. With POP/ IMAP and Active Sync Access, your email can be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

When you own a single domain or have multiple domains, which you want to manage using Zoho Mail Suite, you can get started by directly adding the domains. Adding and Verifying a domain in Zoho Mail Suite does not affect the email service or delivery of your domain. You will receive emails to the domain, only after you configure the Email Delivery to your domain. 

If your Organization has multiple domains, you can choose to manage all the domains from Zoho Mail  Suite, under the same Super Administrator account. You may also choose to manage some of them from Zoho, while the rest of them continue with the existing set up.

If you are yet to sign up for a Zoho Account, you can get started by choosing one of the plans in the Pricing page.

In case you already have a personal Zoho account log in to the account and click on the ‘Enable Mail Hosting’ link on the top of the page to create Organization and add the domains. 

The domain you add here must be the one you already own or be able to purchase. You will have to verify the ownership of the domain, to proceed with the email hosting process.

Once you have added a domain, you need to verify the domains to start creating you@yourdomain.com.

Without a DNS Manager, you cannot proceed for mail hosting. Hence email hosting cannot be done for blogs or websites without DNS access. 

You can also register a new domain through Zoho, in case you do not have a domain. When you register a domain through Zoho, the DNS Settings are preconfigured and you can skip the verification and MX records steps in the process. Learn more. 

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