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Subdomain Stripping


Subdomain Stripping Process:

Subdomain stripping is the process of removing the subdomains from the main domain and delivering the emails to the main domain directly. Suppose, you have configured your subdomain child.mydomain.com to deliver emails to Zoho servers, any email delivered to the address user@subchild.mydomain.com will be delivered to user@mydomain.com automatically, if subdomain stripping is enabled for the domain mydomain.com. 

Suppose the primary domain is zillum.com and the admin wants to configure sales.zillum.com for your sales related email accounts, support.zillum.com for your support related email accounts, etc. You need not specifically create aliases based on these subdomains, but simply enable subdomain stripping for zillum.com. In that case, the emails to sales.zillum.com or support.zillum.com will automatically be delivered to the corresponding zillum.com accounts.

To Address Delivered to
patricia@sales.zillum.com patricia@zillum.com
charles@support.zillum.com charles@zillum.com

Any email delivered to user@anything.yourdomain.com will be automatically delivered to user@yourdomain.com, after stripping the subdomain. 

Steps to Configure Subdomain Stripping for your domain:

  1. Login to https://www.zoho.com/mail/ as Super Admin
  2. Click Control Panel >> Domains 
  3. Make sure that the primary domain is added and verified
  4. Click Subdomain Stripping
  5. The list of domains configured in your organization will be listed. 
  6. Click ON across the domain to enable subdomain stripping for the domain.
  7. Ensure that any subdomain you use, is configured to deliver email in Zoho. 

Applications of Subdomain Stripping:

You can mainly use the 'subdomain' stripping feature when you trial Zoho Mail, using your actual domain, without changing the MX records of your domain. You need to create a subdomain say mail.yourdomain.com and point the MX records of the subdomain to Zoho.
  1. You can use your default domain in Zoho, during Email Hosting set up. 
  2. Create the trial users, in Zoho Mail. 
  3. Enable subdomain stripping in Zoho Mail. 
  4. In your currently active email account, configure email forwarding at user level from user@yourdomain.com email account to user@mail.yourdomain.com. 

Alternatively, you can also create specialized subdomains like sales.yourdomain.com, support.yourdomain.com etc for specialized requirements and publish the email addresses based on those subdomains. Once the email delivery for the special domains has been configured, the emails delivered to Zoho will be routed to the corresponding accounts in yourdomain.com.

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