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Zoho Email Hosting Setup

Zoho Mail provides enterprise Email service, which meets the requirements of various types of organizations. The complete Email Hosting process is simple and you can get users@yourdomain.com for admin and the organization users, with no downtime. The sequence of steps to choose Zoho Mail as your Email Service provider is explained below: 

The various process are explained in the different pages here. 

Domain Verification: You need to add and verify the domain for which you want to set up Email Hosting with us. The verification process is required, for us to verify that you have the Administrator Privileges for the domain and are entitled to set up and use the domain with our Services.  

Adding Users: Once your domain is verified, you can proceed to add or import users and create their mail accounts. 

Catch all Setup: You can set up a Catch all for your domains, to ensure that the emails to your domain get delivered to the Catch All account, in case you have missed to set up any user or Group account. 

Configure Email Delivery: Once you have set up the accounts, you can change the MX Records of the domain. Once the MX Records are set up, the emails will start getting delivered to your accounts in Zoho. 

Configure Dual Delivery: You can also set up dual delivery for your domain, where you can configure another Mail Server to receive emails for your domain. 

IMAP or POP Migration: Once the email delivery is properly configured, you can set up migration for the email accounts from your previous servers via POP or IMAP protocols. 

SPF Configuration: You need to set up SPF Records for your domain, to validate the emails sent from your domain and also to prevent any email spoofing by specifying the IP addresses and servers allowed to send emails for your domain.

Domain Keys Configuration: In addition to SPF Records you can also configure Domain Keys, which is also a trusted authentication system for sending emails. 

Customizing Logo and URL: You can customize the login URL and add your custom Logo in Zoho Mail Suite for customizing the users mailboxes.

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